My Existence

FB_IMG_1429520994444 10605996_10152782807828010_4749457682595106546_n

My name is Patricia “Eaonhawinon” Allen.

I am a cis-woman born of several Indigenous nations: Tlingit, Iroquois (Mohawk and Seneca), Black and Arawak,Caribbean

At 25 years of age, I am currently a quarter away from graduating with my Bachelors of Arts at the University of Washington, majoring in American Indian Studies with a minor in Human Rights and Diversity. I hope to pursue a career in International Human Rights with an emphasis on Reconciliation, Indigenous Sovereignty and investing to end violence against women, queer and femme peoples, and children.,

I live in my hometown of Seattle, WA, but currently doing research and studying in the country of Peru. My focuses during this research are mostly on Hip Hop, Contemporary Indigenous movements of Peru.

Hip Hop, culture, and knowledge are the first loves of my life ♥

I can be reached at


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