Palabras de Lima: Pueblo

Being a mixed-race, Indigenous woman who is going to school to study Indigenous studies, I have had interest in tribes and Indigenous culture. Engaging in other cultures and the diversity of Indigenous immigrant communities in Lima, I have learned by my professors the meaning of “pueblo” in Peru.


When asked where I am from, I have responded that I am from the US. As I have gotten to know people in Lima better, they held curiousity in knowing what my ethnic background is. I have replied saying I am mestiza but mostly Indigenous from the US. When asked my tribe, I have been frequently asked my pueblo. The idea that villages and homes are associated with my Indigenous identity is something that I admire, especially because tribe can be very political and confusing, it is at times less difficult to identify my tribal affiliation with a place than people.


In my project, many people in the Hip Hop community are associating their Chol@ identities with a more indigenous belonging to the regions that their families have migrated to. In fact, in some of the music, I have heard emcees refer to Hip Hop as music of the pueblo, the barrio. This brings a spiritual and cultural aspect to Hip Hop as a movement as well as bringing a spiritual and cultural identity for urban people in the barrios of Lima.


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