Palabras de Lima: Mujeres

Because the program I am doing in Lima is centered around Art and Politics, I have found many differences and similarities in artists and art.

One of these similarities is embodying femininity in art. Many artists have used femininity as symbols of desire, purity, peace, creation, Earth, healing and balance. I have also seen women in movements, challenging movements run by men and perpetuating machismo influence.


In Mauricio Delgado’s piece, he uses a political and cultural figure as an indigenous idea of a saint; a mother being the most giving and divine symbol in human life. This draws connections with Indigenous relationships with Earth and creation stories. He draws a narrative of mothers being an example of holiness.


In Jorge Miyagui’s piece, Nuestros San de la Resistencia, he depicts the Afro-Peruvian activist, Maria Elena Moyano as a saint of resistance. She has many times been depicted as a martyr. Her tragic death led the nation to see a violent turn to the rationality and impact of many movements of resistance and nation-building within Peru. Her impact on gender norms have created a strong community of female leaders in Villa de Salvador and could have influenced the culture of Peru even after her death.


In the present, I have seen leadership lead by women, including indigenous women through art and politics. Visiting the Shipibo communities in the Barrio de Cantagallo, I have met women with a strong emphasis on activism and spreading concerns through their traditional art. They have visited various regions and organized festivals to engage with the global community in order to education the outside world of their culture and efforts to remain sustainable.


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