“A Letter From the Missing Indigenous Women of North American: A Poem for the Silenced”

I was beginning to think I could be fine by myself.

That all I needed is right here.

That inside was more than enough.

But I still couldn’t believe that life could exist without fear.

I built a home out of a hotel.

recycled to give you more wealth

Like broken bottles,

I cracked from people who convinced me that I’ve only abused myself.

Best believe me now when I tell you,

I was too many flavors to fit on your spoon.

I was too much brain to fit in your head.

And you weren’t enough sun to glow over my unobtainable moon.

The rise in my cheeks,

The glow in my skin

It’s older than my violent silence

It’s older than my body used by you as an emotional trash bin.

My voice is too bitter for lemons eaters.

My cries are too innocent for the sweetest children.

My tears are too salty for the oldest oceans

The potential of my greatness was underestimated too often.

And so I hope you remember me for that.

That my potential was so dangerous to even the mortal mind.

That is why when i took true form,

I remained one of the many women you still cannot find.


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